Collaborate on a Guerrilla Girls BroadBand College Spring Break Poster
Guerrilla Girls BroadBand (GGBB) has launched an anti-rape poster college workshop called #GGBBCampus ( Its goal is to share GGBB guerrilla art activism tactics with the next generation of activists, address rampant issues of sexual violence within college systems, and to give students a platform to raise their personal and scholastic concerns on the topic.

A college Spring Break vacation also comes with its own issues relating to sexual exploitation and objectification, abuse of power, body shaming, sexual assault, harassment, aggressive behaviors, and more. So GGBB wants to set out with YOU to challenge the unhealthy culture of college Spring Break by making a GGBB-style activist art poster (the poster will be in a listicle format, i.e. bullet point one-liners. See example: We'd like to hear from current college students about their Spring Break concerns. Feel free to call out classic Spring Break tropes and experiences that maim college students’ vacation experiences. And we are certainly interested in hearing from a diverse student body (we love intersectionalism). The poster is a great platform to raise awareness regarding issues that might not be obvious to others. The title of the poster is "The Spring Break You Won’t Regret to Remember," and we are looking for students to submit GGBB-styled poster bylines to go under the title.

DEADLINE: February 10, 2019.

1. Must be an active college student with a dot(edu) email address
2. Free to apply
3. Individuals, classrooms, departments, school groups, etc. are welcome to submit. Applicant(s) can only apply once.
4. Max five lines per contributor/group.
5. GGBB welcomes all participants. We do not discriminate or exclude anyone based off their gender, sexuality, nationality, identity, race, religion, etc.

CRAFTING GGBB-STYLED CONTENT & TONE: (Using humor to address difficult topics)
1. Use fact based arguments (please additionally provide a reference source for any facts/stats using Chicago citation)
2. Utilize witty social commentary
3. Don't be afraid to make sharp observations
4. Acknowledge personal/public truths
5. Use sarcasm as tool to challenge the status quo
6. Dispel misconceptions and falsehoods
7. Create calls to action and change
8. Content should not be fashioned in anyway that perpetuates hate or abuse of power

1. Embracing your ass in all its forms, except when it’s objectified by someone else.
2. Avoid creepy guys with cameras and R. Kelly.
3. Wet t-shirts are not how you make friends or money.

Due to the size of the poster, GGBB cannot accept all submissions. We are looking for a collection of lines that work well together, support the poster's title, address important issues related to Spring Break abuses/issues, and spark positive awareness and change. Accepted submissions will be notified by email. Accepted collaborators acknowledge and agree to that fact that the content of their submissions may be grammatically or compositionally tweaked by GGBB to work seamlessly with the poster and other submissions.

1. Collaborators will receive credit with their name or group name as provided by them.
2. Credit will appear on any of the following: GGBB website(s), wall text/catalogue, watermarked digital file, archive notes, and possibly on the editioned poster (TBD).
3. Collaborators will be emailed a digital print of the poster for their own archive, to share on social media, or digitally across their own campus.

All submissions become the property of Guerrilla Girls BroadBand and can be used in advertising or otherwise for the sole purpose of promotion and marketing of Guerrilla Girls BroadBand without any compensation to entrants.

Selected Contributor agrees to permit Guerrilla Girls BroadBand to use her or his name, school, and submission(s) for reasonable promotional and marketing purposes related to Guerrilla Girls Broadband in perpetuity.

By entering, you agree to indemnify, release, discharge and hold Guerrilla Girls BroadBand, and their respective affiliated and parent companies, and related entities including officers, directors, employees, licensees and assignees of each; advertising and promotion agencies from all claims or damages arising out of your participation in the submission and/or acceptance, ownership or use of any resulting work.

Guerrilla Girls BroadBand reserve the right at their sole discretion, to cancel, terminate, modify or suspend the competition, to disqualify any individual who tampers with any entry process.

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