2020-2021 ESACA K-5 Cyber School Enrollment Application
ATTENTION: Parents and Guardians, the intent of this form has changed due to the time constraints needed to prepare our district for the upcoming year. Filling out this form is no longer for additional information, it is now a request for direct enrollment. The district is requesting that parents help plan us by asking you to make a decision as to your desired choice of schooling for the upcoming year (by August 2nd). If you fill out this application we will update your child's Sapphire account to represent your choice as being ESACA. Please note that children with IEP's require additional steps to complete enrollment and the district will be reaching out to you directly regarding these children. ESACA is for East Stroudsburg Area School District registered students only. If your student is not registered in our district yet, please see our district webpage (www.esasd.net) under "Departments" then "Administrative Services" then "Student Registration."

Here is a short video for more information regarding our K-5 program. https://spark.adobe.com/video/NZmsnvAce2xfW
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