Deer Shed Festival Access Requirement Form
If you are in receipt of PIP or DLA you are entitled to our 2:1 ticket system which allows you to claim a free guest ticket for your personal assistant. Please do not purchase a ticket for your assistant prior to applying. If you are not in receipt of benefits but you have a debilitating condition you may be still eligible to use our accessible resources, such as priority parking, camping, toilets and viewing platform. Please complete the form and let us know about your requirements and we'll arrange suitable resources for you.

Further information about accessible resources at the festival are available on the website at

If you would like a copy of this form in a downloadable format with larger text, please email
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If you have already purchased your Deer Shed Festival tickets, please enter your order number below so we can match your application to your order.
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This should be the person who will be in correspondence with the festival before the event. In some instances, this may be different to the person requiring access assistance.
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