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For your safety and to ensure you get the most out of your workout, it is important that I am aware of your current medical and physical status. Please complete this form as fully and honestly as possible.  All information provided will remain strictly confidential.  Should any of the details provided change in the future, please let us know.

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I confirm that I am 16 years of age or over and would like to take part voluntarily in fitness classes (including Pilates and Yoga) with the aim of improving my fitness, strength and flexibility. I understand that cardiovascular activities such as Total Body Workout and PadFit are designed to place an increasing workload on the heart and lungs to help improve their efficiency. Toning exercises in classes such as Pilates and/or Yoga exert muscles to help improve muscular endurance and flexibility exercises will help to improve and maintain range of motion. I understand that I am responsible for monitoring myself throughout the class. Should any unusual symptoms occur, I should stop and let the instructor know immediately. There is always a risk of injury when we exercise. I understand the risk of my participation and I release Evolve Fitness UK, Rachel McGain-Harding (Owner/Instructor) and Dean McGain-Harding (Instructor) from any liability now, or in the future, for conditions that may be obtained from participation. By ticking the box below I confirm that I have read this form and I understand the nature of the exercise class(es) I plan to attend. I confirm that any questions that I have, have been answered to my satisfaction. *
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