DrivenData Call for Competitions!

Engage the DrivenData community on your challenge!

Got an awesome idea for a machine learning challenge? Got a wad of data burning a hole in your pocket? DrivenData is tapping its community for the next generation of challenges. We'd love for you to submit your idea! We will select a limited number of great ideas for new competitions.

Fill out a short application form to tell us about your idea and dataset, and tell us why your challenge would be a great one for DrivenData.


What makes a good challenge?

Check out some our thoughts for partners on “What kind of problem is good for a competition?” (scroll down).

A good challenge will include four elements:

(1) Data*: What source(s) of data will competitors be able to use? What makes it interesting?
(2) Task: What is the problem? What are competitors expected to produce (as outputs) and use (as inputs)?
(3) Measurement: How will performance be objectively evaluated (ex. using a test set and accuracy metric)?
(4) Impact: Why can better algorithms make a difference? How could this algorithm be deployed to make a difference?

* Open data can be useful for practice competitions; however, if you use an open test set, make sure you include a strategy for discouraging cheating by looking up the “answers”.


If you have any questions feel free to share with the discussion forum:

We’re excited to see your ideas!

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