John Muir College Facility Request Form
All Muir student organizations and House Advisors are eligible and required to submit usage request for programmatic use of the Muir Facilities if they do not contact the appropriate office. Programs include both active (events, tabling, etc) and passive (signage). Please submit requests at least one week prior to program. Approval of request is required before program and use without approval or misuse of approval may result in temporary suspension of usage privileges. Decisions regarding requests are at the discretion of Muir College staff and decisions may be modified with appropriate notice given. Approval is not first-come-first-served, but priority is given to earlier requests.

Please fill out this form if you are a Muir College Organization reserving a room or location for a Muir College Event, Activity, or Meeting. Please review the John Muir College Facility & Equipment Reservation and Use Policy before filling out this form.

Our Facility & Equipment Reservation and Use Policy can be found here ().

This form can be used to reserve the following spaces:
-Mariposa Room
-Sequoia Room
-Half Dome Lounge

Below are links for reserving other Muir Facilities:

-Tioga Hall 11th Floor - Contact Rebecca Rangel at

-Sun God Lawn - http://muir/contactus/sungodlawnform.html

-Mandeville Suite - http://muir/contactus/mandevillesuite.html

-Muir Quad -

If you have any questions, contact Muir Student Affairs at

Muir College Student Organization
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I have Read and Understand the Reservation Policy.
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i.e. We would like to request either the Mariposa Room or Half Dome lounge depending on which one is available. Otherwise, please enter N/A
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Will you be using the kitchen?
Will you need access to the kitchen in either the Mariposa Room or Half Dome Lounge? This includes use of ANY part of the kitchen, from the refrigerator to the stove. Please review the requirements for use of the kitchen in the reservation policy.
Muir College Advisor
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