Equity Seed Fund Application - 2017/18
Equity Seed Fund by the OCAD Student Union that will give voice and support to OCAD U’s growing population of diverse students. For the purpose of this project, “Diverse student” refers to: students who self-identify as Black, Indigenous, and/or Person of Colour (BIPOC), and/or LGBTQ2S+, and/or immigrant/refugee and/or persons with mental health and/or physical health issues. We are funding three projects with $700 each.

Project Requirements:
1) Projects must engage and/or be open to the participation and contributions of the entire target demographic of students this project is targeted to, or the entire student body, in the process or the final product of the project.

2) Projects must have a launching/closing event at the beginning or end of the project, the entire community of students this project is caterer to, or the entire student body. The SU will help promote all projects.

3) All project recipients must submit a Final Report that will serve as the summary and evaluation of their project. Submission of the report will ensure the SU receives all information needed to assess the success of your project. This report will also help the SU identify the needs and wants of our student body in order to better serve them from a diverse and equitable perspective. The report will touch upon the following topics: process, research, goals and the fulfillment of those goals, execution, outcome, financial breakdown.

4)Coursework will not be considered eligible for funding.

For more information, visit www.ocadsu.org/equityseedfund

Accessibility and inclusion is the OCAD Student Union's priority; for accommodation requirements, questions, feedback about this process, or for support in writing the proposal, please e-mail Khadija, Executive Director of Diversity & Equity, at equity@ocadsu.org.

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All projects are required to have at least two leaders. Please list the name, e-mail address, and student ID of the second leader. *
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The Proposal
We have listed out the necessary items needed for your proposal to be considered. Please take time to create each item to the best of your ability.

Please create ONE PDF with all relevant documents. Name your document using your 'Project Title' and email it along to Khadija at equity@ocadsu.org after you have submitted this form. Please use the same e-mail address you mentioned above (the one you check more often).

Project Title *
We will reference your project with this title. If title is not confirmed, please write "TBC" after the title. (TBC = to be confirmed)
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Project Description: Identifying the Problem
This should be the first section of your PDF document. We are looking for roughly 500 words to describe your project. Proposals should demonstrate a benefit to the overall student experience. Applicants should clearly state how their project will strengthen and serve the OCAD U's Diverse community by means of Creative & Professional Opportunity and/or Social Innovation.
What's the Problem? *
Who is impacted? Who is Responsible? *
How did this challenge come to be and why is important that we solve this problem? *
Challenge *
Describe the challenge you want to tackle and how it impacts your community. What will the future look like if we fail to act? Are there any stories or images you can share to help create a picture (optional)?
Action *
What actions will you take to help overcome the challenge? What are the barriers to solving this challenge? How can the Student Union help?
Outcome *
What is your community’s ideal solution? How will solving the problem make a difference?
Timeline *
This should be the second section of your PDF document. It should clearly outline action items and deadlines.
Budget *
This should be the third section of your PDF document. A viable budget, demonstrating a financial need by clearly stating the total amount of funding requested and precisely how it will be spent. For expenses exceeding $300 a cost comparison of at least three different quotes or alternative options is expected to be submitted. We recommend that you allocate $50-$100 for incidentals. You are allowed to allocate maximum $175 (25% of $700) of this funding as your own honorarium(s).
Additional Materials
Although not necessary for your proposal, this should be the last part of your Proposal. This may involve sketches, images, videos etc that will help the Granting Committee see the viability of your project.
Terms and Conditions
Please read the following statements to complete your application.
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