CLC membership application
The bylaws of the Association state the following about the membership application process:

According to the bylaws of the Association (Article 3), a legally competent entity or individual who accepts the purpose of the Association and promotes it ambitiously is eligible to become a member organisation or individual member of the Association. A legally competent entity or individual who wants to support the purpose and activities of the Association is eligible to become a contributing member or the Association. The Board of the Association approves member organisations, individual members and contributing members on application.

The aim of the Association is defined in Article 2: The aim of the Association is to increase the general competitiveness and preparedness of Finnish business life and research organisations to respond to the threats posed by climate change and the sufficiency of natural resources as well as their ability to exploit the business opportunities created by these threats.
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Please note that CLC only accepts applications from the managing director or chairman of the board or equivalent.
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