Eros' Classifieds
Still looking for a date to Le Cirque? What about someone to take for a spin around the dance floor at the Hearty Party? For one day only, submit your classifieds to the Owl Post. We'll publish them on Valentine's Day alongside Cupid's Corner and relay any responses received at the end of the day. Find someone to spend your weekend with, now!

Classifieds must be received by February 14th at 12pm [SLT]

Disclaimer: Owl Post is not responsible for the resulting effects of posting classifieds or choosing to meet with a responding student. Owl Post takes no responsibility for heartbreak, romance, broken noses, jealous exes, or anything else. At all. Literally. We don't want the blame!
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[[OOC Note: Please include both IC name and OOC username to prevent trolling and so that we know who to relay responses to.]]
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