Play Therapy Interventions for Differently Abled Children (by diagnosis) - Pre-launch Registration
Hello and welcome to the registration for the Online Certification Programme on 'Play Therapy Interventions for Differently Abled Children (by diagnosis)'.

This online training programme comprises of seven modules. Each module includes a video with an accompanying powerpoint presentation, additional resource/reading materials relevant to the topic and an assessment task or paper. You will be provided with one video link at a time and are free to watch it at your own leisure, as many times as required. Once you have completed each video you can request the additional materials and assessment. Upon completing the assessment you will be sent a new link for the next video, at which time the link for the previous video will be deactivated. All ppt presentations and resource materials are available to download and can be accessed at any time. Assessments include multiple choice, short and long answer questions along with self-reflective questions and practical activities.

You may contact the presenter at anytime with any questions relating to the course and you will receive personalised feedback for each assessment. It is recommended that participants have received some previous training in Play Therapy and are familiar with the principles of Play Therapy, the role of the Play Therapist and the stages of play (EPR model). If you have not received any prior training in Play Therapy, we would recommend that you first enrol for our 'Play Therapy as a Counselling Tool' (full details here: or 'Play Therapy for Children with Special Needs' (full details here: programme.

The following topics will be covered in this ' 'Play Therapy Interventions for Differently Abled Children (by diagnosis)' programme:

1. A discussion of the application of Play Therapy with differently abled children - the non-directive, directive and integrative approach to Play Therapy - choosing the right approach based on your client's needs (prescriptive Play Therapy)

2. Play Therapy and Autism (including sensory processing issues, verbal and non-verbal children)

3. Play Therapy and ADHD

4. Play Therapy and Down Syndrome

5. Play Therapy, Cerebral Palsy and other physical disabilities

6. Play Therapy for Children (and adults) with Cognitive and Learning Disabilities

7. Play Therapy for children (and adults) with Vision, Hearing and Speech Disabilities (including the deaf and blind)

The programme is now running and you will receive your first materials within 48hrs of completing registration. You can then begin the course at your own convenience. There are no time restrictions or deadlines.

Please note that all videos and materials are copyright and are for use by the registered participant only.

A certificate will be issued by the National Association for Play Therapy India upon completion of the course.

The special introductory offer price for the course is 5,000 INR including all videos and materials (full price 6500 rs)

International Participants are also welcome to register for a fee of 70 USD

Payment in INR can be made via Cheque/Cash/Online Transfer to:

Name: Ben Oliver Davidson
Account Number: 602701553934
Account Type: Savings
IFSC Code: ICIC0006027

Direct Payments by card can also be made in to the above account via Google Pay or PayTM.

International payments and payments by Debit/Credit Card can also be made through PayPal ( by sending money to:

PLEASE COMPLETE THE PAYMENT AND THEN FILL IN THE FOLLOWING FORM TO COMPLETE THE REGISTRATION PROCESS. If possible, please send a picture of the transaction confirmation via Whatsapp or Email.


Please do not hesitate to contact the presenter, Lucy Bowen, should you have any queries:

WhatsApp: +919663995980

For more information about the National Association for Play Therapy India, please visit:
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