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Tell me about any chronic pain or medical conditions that affect how you move, feel, get through life. I don't need to know if you've had your tonsils taken out, but I also need to know if you have back pain. (Yes, it still counts if it has hurt for ten years and you think it's just how things are.) *
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Do you smoke? Don't worry, no judgments here.
In general how many hours of sleep do you get a night?
Describe your job
How high is your stress level?
Basset Hound. All is well.
Daffy Duck. I can't take much more!
Are you exercising regularly? (2-3 times a week for 3 months)
When did you first start thinking about getting into shape?
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What are the barriers that have been stopping you?
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Tell me about your exercise history
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What has been the biggest obstacle stopping you from meeting this goal?
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Rate your nutrition
Snickers and a Diet Coke.
I know what my macros are and hit them on target every day. (If you know what "macros" are then you award a bonus point.)
How many glasses of water a day? Guesstimate if you need to.
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Do you feel drops in your energy levels throughout the day?
At work or school, do you usually
Besides hunger, what other reason(s) do you eat?
Do you eat past the point of fullness?
Do you eat foods high in fat and sugar?
List 3 areas of your Nutrition you would like to improve:
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Realistically, how many days a week would you like to exercise? *
Which days could you commit to for exercise? *
How committed are you to achieving your fitness goals? *
What do you think the most important thing I can do to help you achieve your fitness goals?
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Outline what you feel are the obstacles or your potential actions, behaviors or activities that could impede your progress towards accomplishing your goals (i.e. not training consistently, upcoming vacation, busy season at work, not following the program, allowing other responsibilities to become a priority over exercise etc.). *
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How can I motivate you? *
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What's your favorite book or movie?
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What's your dream vacation?
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A year from now what do you most want to be able to celebrate?
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Talk to me about whatever. If there is something I need to know but didn't ask tell me all about it
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