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Thank you for helping me make this a presentation your audience will love! Answering the following questionnaire within 30 days of booking me as your presenter allows me to customize my program and learn more about your primary objectives. If you aren't able to answer everything, please complete as much as you can and I will follow up later for the rest. If you prefer, you may copy/paste the questions into another document and email separately.

Please also send a copy of program announcements, event website, brochures or other promotional materials so I can have a clear understanding of the event and your company culture. If possible, adding me to your consultant group can also help me get a clear sense of who may be in the room, their needs, and their current communication/social media. In addition, please send any social media/Internet marketing policies I should be aware of, or prior training that may impact this program.

Karen Clark

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Event Name and Theme or Tagline
Date of Appearance
How "Tech Savvy" is your audience?
How do I turn on the computer again?
This girl can't teach me a thing I don't already know!
Any comments about the above?
What do you feel are the general (online and offline) strengths of this audience?
What are the current concerns or challenges facing the company and/or audience around social media marketing?
If you can identify 3 or more representatives using social media well, please list their names and links, as I may use them in my presentation if appropriate. If you would like me to contact them for research please also include their contact information.
Are there any sensitive topics to avoid?
Does your company have a favorite cause or charity so that I can donate a portion of my product sales?
List a few things you would like the audience to take away from this presentation:
Is there a special promotion/incentive the audience will be working toward after the event that I could encourage or refer to? Ex: booking blitz, sponsoring challenge, double trip points etc.
Is there any special terminology or jargon I should be aware of? Ex: demonstrations vs. gatherings vs. parties, consultants vs. ambassadors vs. distributors.
In a perfect world, what results would you like to see over the following 90 days from my presentation that would "knock it out of the park" for you?
Anything else I should know about this event?
THANK YOU! I will communicate with you further by phone or email as needed.
I appreciate the opportunity to serve you and your audience!
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