Life Coaching Volunteer Client Registry
The Centre For Applies Neuroscience (CAN) provides life coaching certification. This Volunteer Client Registry is used by the current coaches in training (CITs) to gain valuable experience coaching. Your sessions are free however, we do charge a small, $20+HST administrative fee to register as a volunteer client. This helps ensure that we are seeking volunteer clients who are serious about getting coaches.
What You Can Expect From CAN
You will be offered 3 free life coaching sessions with the same coach, including an initial discovery session. The sessions will be online, either through zoom, skype, google, or Facetime (to be determined with your coach).
What Is Expected Of You
In exchange for free coaching, we expect you to provide feedback; an online form will be provided to collect this.

Also note that your coach is dedicating time out of their schedule for you. Missed appointments with no notice will result in you being removed from our registry, ending any further coaching session agreement.

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