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The Executive Board is the governing body of the Iowa League of Cities and is responsible for adopting policies to provide direction to the League, adopt the annual operating budget, establishing membership dues, and provide direction to the executive director. The Board is composed of 19 officials from member cities including a president, president-elect, immediate past president, two other past presidents, and 14 directors from various geographic regions and population classifications. Board members are elected to a two year term and may serve two consecutive terms. Currently, the executive board meets every February, April, June, August, and November, in addition to the business meeting held during the Annual Conference.
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The Iowa League of Cities Nominating Committee determines and presents a slate of candidates for officers and directors to the League membership at the annual business meeting which is held in conjunction with the Annual Conference & Exhibit. Each nominee must be an official from a member city. In the event of a vacancy between annual business meetings, the executive board shall fill the vacancy by a majority vote.
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