Pick-up Meals
Since DPI has extended the summer lunch program through 12/31/2020, we will again offer pick-up meals beginning October 5th to all local families with children 18 years and younger who are NOT receiving meals at school. If you are currently 100% virtual and already receiving meals each monday, you DO NOT need to sign up for this. If you are currently homeschooling your children, your children are 100% virtual, or your children are not old enough to attend school, you may sign up for these meals. If your child is in PRE-K and attending school 2 days a week you can sign up for our 3 meals a week option. We will have pick-ups every Monday from 7:00am-2:30pm. You will be sent breakfasts/lunches for the entire week. This is a one time sign-up so you will continue to receive meals each week unless you contact the school to cancel them. If you do not want to participate please disregard this survey.
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Best time between 7:00am-2:30pm for you to pick up meals each monday. For food safety reasons, meals can only sit outside for 10 minutes, so please keep that in mind *
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