political riot

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political riot is meant to be a chance for activists on various levels to share and come together. here in Malmö during WorldPride.

It will be max 60 minutes long in total and take place on Monday 16, Tuesday 17, Wednesday 18, Thursday 19 and Friday 20 August between 18.00-19.00,

Address; street level at Biograf Panora and in the space shared with Page 28 during WorldPride.
Political Riot It's held in English.

You who want to be part get a microphone and max 7 minutes to tell us all there what you are involved in, care about and use some of your time to create. You speak of what YOU do, ie in first person.

This is open for all LGBTQIA+ people and allies, both on stage and in the audience. It's a free event.

If you have any printed material you are free to share with others after your talk.

We want to hear from all sorts of ideas, activities, groups, organisations, NGO local and nationwide, international and student unions.

Please note - this event will not be streamed or filmed, it will happen just with the people who are part there and then. There might be photos taken, but all in the photos will be asked for ok first.
Please reply and send this to me asap.

This event is inspired by the 'Community News' held between sets at Bar Wotever London. A chance for the community to share what they are up to and engage others in their activism.

Thank you for being interested in being part of this!
Please let me know more about who you are and what you plan to talk about in this form beneath.

Ingo Cando

now producer for WorldPride but also the creator and Artistic Director of Wotever World

We do this under the umbrella of our Wotever World Manifesto; https://woteverworld.com/wotever-manifesto
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