Mohandas college of Engg. & Technology
JEE-KEAM 2019 Fine-Tuning & Mock Examination on 31st March at MCET
šš‘šŽš†š‘š€šŒšŒš„ š‡šˆš†š‡š‹šˆš†š‡š“š’:
ā–ŗ JEE/KEAM 2019 trial run test

ā–ŗ No registration fee required, it's absolutely free

ā–ŗ Entry through online Registration, First come first serve basis

ā–ŗ Any candidate who wishes to appear for š‰š„š„/šŠš„š€šŒ šŸšŸŽšŸšŸ— can register

ā–ŗ Test will be organised through OFFLINE mode

ā–ŗ Opportunity to interact with the best entrance coaches in South India

ā–ŗ Parents can accompany and take part in the programme

ā–ŗ Expert Comprehensive Panel Discussion separately for Parents to support their children

ā–ŗ Special Focus on Maths and Science

ā–ŗ Individual score card with personal feedback

ā–ŗ Additional free Professional Counselling Options

ā–ŗ Pep Talk by JEE / KEAM Coaches

ā–ŗ Free conveyance to and from Test Venue from important points in Thiruvananthapuram

For online registration log onto : š°š°š°.š¦šœšžš­šØš§š„š¢š§šž.šœšØš¦
Contact: šŸ¬šŸ°šŸ³šŸ­-šŸ®šŸÆšŸ­šŸ­šŸÆšŸÆšŸ®, šŸµšŸµšŸ°šŸ²šŸ¬šŸ±šŸ³šŸ®šŸ®šŸ®, šŸµšŸ°šŸ°šŸ³šŸ³šŸµšŸ³šŸ²šŸ²šŸ“

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