Part Time Dog Walking Position
Pawsitive Dawg is rapidly growing and currently looking for fun, loving, reliable, and mature individuals to join our team of dedicated pet care professionals. Thank you for your interest in our dog walking positions! We are currently looking for a dog walkers or pet sitters to service Waltham, Watertown, and Belmont. This survey is for screening purposes only. If you live within our service area, have the availability to meet our current needs, and answer all of the questions thoroughly, we will contact you to fill out an employment application and set up an interview.
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Are you at least 18 years old? *
For bonding and liability insurance coverage, you must be at least 18 years old.
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Do you live in our service area? Which city do you live in? *
You must live in Waltham, Belmont, Watertown or in a city bordering one of those cities.
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Desired weekly wage *
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What type of position are you looking for? *
Which position(s) are you applying for? *
Dog Walking/Pet Sitting Availability *
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Paid dog walking experience *
Are you able to provide pick up and drop off services from and to their homes for individual hikes, pet transportation, etc? *
Are you willing to drive in all New England weather (i.e., rain, wind, sleet, or snow)? You must have a valid driver's license, automobile insurance, AND a reliable car.
Are you willing to walk for at least a mile in all New England weather (i.e., rain, wind, sleet, or snow)? *
Are you willing to download and use our scheduling app? You must have a smart phone.
Are you able to respond to email, text, or phone calls quickly and efficiently? *
Are you organized, dependable, self-motivated, and have a positive attitude? *
Are you flexible and willing to add visits to your schedule with short notice? *
Are you available during the evening and weekend hours for client interviews? *
Are you willing to become Pet First Aid Certified? *
Do you agree to a background check? *
You must agree to and pass a background check prior to employment.
Explain why you would be the perfect person for this job. *
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Explain why you are OK with this being a part time job. *
This job is ideal for someone who already has another source of income. This job is based on client need so your income will fluctuate from week to week. We do not guarantee a certain amount of hours or income each week.
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Are you ok with not making a lot of money at first and just starting off with only 1 or 2 walks? *
Our clients get attached to their dog walkers so we want to make sure you are a good fit before we give you a full case load.
Describe your experience with dog walking, pet sitting, and caring for pets. *
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Do you have experience with dog training? If so what methods? *
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Include any additional information you think would be helpful for us to know about you. *
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BONUS QUESTIONS (The following questions will be asked if you get called for an interview)
How would you handle a dog that seemed afraid of you and didn't want to get leashed to go for a walk?
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How would you handle a pet that showed signs of illness during a visit?
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What would you do if a pet tried to bite/did bite you?
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How would you handle an argumentative or complaining client?
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