Milton Keynes Dojo: 2018 Entry Form
All students must complete this form in advance of starting classes.
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Notice around fees for 2017
The amount of available mat space is limited. The dojo is only able to accommodate 20 practitioners at any given time. Your mat fees for the year are £570, which protects your place on the mat. This equates to £47.50 per month, which is just under £5 a class or less than £2.50 per hour. This fee entitles you to attend all available classes, but does not obligate you to do so.

Dojo fees are due a month in advance. Those joining the dojo agree to join for the period of January to December 2018. Those joining mid year will have their fees pro-rated, but will still be subject to the same terms and conditions.
I have read and understand the fee structure for 2017 and agree to the terms. *
Please note that the fees are non-negotiable. A pay per session option is not available.
Fees are payable by way of monthly direct debit. *
All fees are payable through PayPal.
Annual membership fees *
An annual membership fee of £60 is payable to the ISF and the BAA. This fee covers your affiliation costs and includes the cost of your insurances.
Those interested in joining can borrow equipment until they are ready to fully invest in equipment of their own.
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