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We should all breathe clean air.
Travelling by rail subway helps to reduce traffic congestion above ground and offers millions of commuters a rapid, efficient and relatively inexpensive form of urban transport. Furthermore, the more people that travel by rail subway instead of car the fewer will be the exhaust emissions, enhancing breathable city air quality and reducing the climatic effects attributable to greenhouse gases. Travel by rail subway is therefore strongly to be encouraged.

One of the clear disadvantages of an urban lifestyle, however, is that air quality tends to be poorer than in rural environments. The need to improve city air above ground is obvious. But what about air quality underground?
Although passengers usually spend only a small part of their day in underground rail system, any program trying to improve city air should also consider conditions underground.

IMPROVE-LIFE PROJECT is testing measures that can reduce solid particles (PM) concentrations in platforms and inside trains, taking into account variations in all the key factors such as station depth, date of construction, station design, type of ventilation, types of brakes used on the trains, train frequency and the presence or absence of platform screen door systems. It also comprises indoor carriage air quality.

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