Application for Marriage License
This form will be sent to the Montgomery County Clerk's Office.
Filling out this form DOES NOT complete the Marriage License Application Process!
Both Parties will need to visit the office to complete the application. (Photo ID Required)
Montgomery County Clerk & Recorder
#1 Courthouse Square
Hillsboro, IL 62049-0595
Information Checklist
1. Full names of both partners (including name at the time of birth, if different from current name.)
2. Current address of both partners (Street address and number, city, county and state)
3. Date of birth for both partners
4. Place of birth (town and state or foreign country) for both partners
5. Social Security Number for both partners
6. Years of education for both partners
7. Usual occupation for both partners
8. Number of previous marriages each partner has had, and the actual date, county and state that the last civil union or marriage ended for each partner. (If you or your partner has had a divorce or civil union dissolution within the past 6 months, you MUST provide a certified copy of the divorce decree or civil union dissolution.)
9. Parents’ full names (including a parent’s maiden name) for both partners.
10. Parents’ current city and state of residence for both partners
11. Parents’ state of birth or foreign country for both partners
12. If the partners’ are related to each other, the nature of their relationship (i.e. third cousins, etc.)
Helpful Information
* Photo ID is required for both parties
* If you want to order certified copies, and if so, how many and where to mail them?
* Daytime phone number
* Date ceremony will take place
* Place ceremony will take place
Filling this Form out online will speed up the application process in the County Clerk's Office!
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