Worship Survey Questions
Please complete this survey so the OSLC Council can better understand the opinions of its members and improve our church community. We ask that you complete the survey by October 15, 2016.
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My relationship to OSLC is
What is the current service time you attend most often?
If you are unable to make your usual service, which would be your most likely alternative?
What factor do you consider most when choosing a service to attend?
Do you prefer traditional or contemporary worship service?
How many times a month do you attend worship services?
Do you attend more than one service a week? Check those that apply.
Are you satisfied with the times services are offered?
If not, what is your suggestion for change?
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If a service were to be eliminated, which would you eliminate?
If the service you presently attend were eliminated would you attend another service?
Would your worship experience be enriched with greater numbers in attendance at your preferred service?
If you do not attend worship at OSLC on a regular basis, what is your reason for not attending?
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Do you or have you ever made use of our Cry Room and/or Nursery during service?
Do you have any suggestions for improvement of the Cry Room or Nursery?
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Would you like child care to be available during a worship service?
Do you believe a worship service should take place at the same time as Sunday School?
If you have Sunday School age children, do they also attend a worship service on a regular basis?
Why or Why Not?
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Do you have special needs during a worship service that are not being met? These include hearing impaired, sight impaired or physically impaired. Please check all that apply.
Would your Sunday worship experience be enriched with a Bible Study available either before or after your preferred worship service?
Would you like to receive Communion every Sunday at your preferred service?
What brought you to OSLC for the first time?
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Describe OSLC in one to three words.
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Looking five years ahead, do you see OSLC the same, better or worse off than now?
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