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Our Requirements: As much as we'd like to allow everyone the flexibility to work whenever it is most convenient for them, the reality of our business is that most of our customer traffic occurs after 6:00pm, and on the weekends, especially weekend nights. So those are the important times when we need you to be available to work so our customers get the satisfaction and great service they expect. Also, we expect that everyone must be available for fourth of July, as that is one of our busiest days!

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School requirements should come first, so we'll be as flexible as possible in scheduling shifts around your school or sports schedule. In return, we ask that you be flexible in understanding that if the weather is cold and rainy, we may need to cancel some shifts.
A job requirement is that you be available to work every weekend, including the Fourth of July, during the summer (within reason: one or two missed weekends during the summer are understandable, provided you've let us know at least two weeks in advanced.) If you cannot commit to this, please do not apply! We've replaced team members in the past for not living up to this commitment.
Our minimum scheduling requirement is that you work one weekend closing shift, one other weekend shift (day or night), and at least one other shift any time during the week or weekend. We also require you to work Fourth of July! The first instance where you cannot meet this minimum and haven't given the proper request for time off it will result in a verbal warning. On a second occurrence, we'll replace you with someone off of our waiting list, and you'll either be moved from our "regular" scheduled staff list onto our '"on call" list, or let go entirely.
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Working at Lulu's looks like fun from the outside, but it's a lot of hard work. The customers can be demanding, there's a lot of pressure during rushes, you have to work when your friends are out having fun, and you have to be willing to pick up trash, clean utensils, floors, etc. Do you think you can handle it? Use the rest of this page to tell us why you think you should be hired. (You don't have to write a long essay, just a few sentences to tell us why you feel like you would make a good addition to our team.)  Feel free to email a resume if you have one to
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