RCCDSB Parent Survey - School (2018/2019)
In Renfrew County Catholic Schools, we are working hard to promote positive and caring school climates. It is important that we demonstrate care for each other, our world and ourselves. As part of our on-going efforts to build positive school climate, we ask that you complete this parent survey. If you have a child in more than one school, you are welcome to complete the survey for each school. All responses are anonymous and will be used to inform school improvement planning. Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts.
I am a member of the following school community: *
I feel my child is safe at school. *
If you do not feel your child is safe at school, please take a moment to tell us what makes them feel unsafe.
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My child enjoys going to school. *
My child feels safe at school. *
If your child does not feel safe at school, please take a moment to tell us what makes them feel unsafe.
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My child feels included and accepted at school. *
My child's school has clear rules about what is expected of students. *
My child's school works to build relationships and create a positive environment. *
My child is engaged in some or many aspects of their school community (academics, music, drama, visual arts, student council etc) *
In the past year, my child has experienced bullying at school. (Bullying is defined as repeated, aggressive behaviour, intended to cause harm, that involves an imbalance of power.) *
There are adults at the school who care about the well being of my child. *
I feel comfortable talking to school staff about my child's education. *
Do you feel there are barriers that stand in the way of your child's education? *
If you answered "Yes" indicating there are barriers, please tell us what those barriers are:
If you answered other and would like to expand on that barrier, please tell us here. If you chose a barrier and would like to explain why that is a barrier, you may also use this space to do so.
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We are concerned about our students' well being. Does your child feel well: *
When difficult things happen, the school is able to help my child. *
Are you aware of your school's resources to support student mental health? *
Does your child have coping strategies to use when they are upset? *
Does your child know they can go to an adult staff member if they are upset? *
Please provide additional thoughts or comments here. Your input is valuable to us.
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