SafePal DApp Submission Form
DApp listing criteria of the SafePal wallet:
1. The website submitted is publicly accessible and stable.
2. The DApp smart contract has been deployed on the blockchain.
3. The DApp is open-sourced.
4. The DApp is audited by third-party institutions.
5. The DApp is consumer-facing instead of enterprise-facing.
6. The DApp is compatible with mobile devices.
7. The DApp complies with relevant laws and regulations, and there is no fraud or infringement involved.

The submission will be processed within 3 business days.
Please note that we won't send a confirmation email after the estimation. 3 days later you can search for your DApp within the SafePal App to see if it's listed.
For any further inquiries, email
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Firstly, please make sure you have read the above instructions carefully. *
Enter the DApp name (within 12 bytes) *
Select the blockchain that your DApp is built on (For now, SafePal only supports the DApps on these blockchains.) *
Enter the DApp weblink *
Enter the DApp contract address *
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Is there any referral program for the DApp? *
If there is a referral program for the DApp, please write down the participation details here. If no, please skip this question.
A short English introduction (within 21 bytes) of the DApp. This short intro will be displayed beneath the DApp name (see below). *
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A detailed English instroduction (within 300 bytes) of the DApp. The detailed intro will be displayed in the DApp About page (see below). *
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Aside from English, SafePal supports 10 other languages (see below). Please enter the short introduction (within 21 bytes) of the DApp in each language *
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Please also enter the detailed introduction (within 300 bytes) of the DApp in each language *
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