Kye & Flip's Rainbow Connection Wedding Weekend
We’re delighted to invite you to celebrate with us. Help us plan and organize this epic happening by answering a few quick questions!

Full wedding details are for the moment housed at If you're nervous about typing in an email just fake a name we'll recognize, thanks.
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The wedding is on a big crazy ranch next to a lovely lazy river and with enough space to allow camping, a quiet zone, a song circle, a dance floor, several grills, a soccer pitch, a bounce house, and more. We invite and encourage you to stay with us on the ranch for your visit. The whole weekend is CASUAL DRESS, and we won’t ask folks to change for the ceremony. But if we can't find you the lodging you wish — or if you just want to have a retreat — do like you would at any wedding and drive in from home or a hotel!

We will gather people together into “villages” based around friend and family relations, lodging preferences and shared interests.

We have a very limited number of SUITES suitable for families: these have two bedrooms, a bathroom, a kitchen with fridge and microwave (but no stove/oven), climate control, electricity, and everything else you'd expect in a comfortable eclectic hotel. These rooms are near the event space, so expect some late party noise. Several of the suites also have FUTONS, if you don't mind staying on one of those.

As well, we have a limited number of SAFARI TENTS. These are sturdy canvas "glamping" tents, set up for you in advance, with either one queen or two cots, two camping chairs, towels, a lightly stocked cooler, pillow and linens. You are also welcome to BRING YOUR OWN TENT. Historical weather indicates a 10% chance it will be moderately rainy and a 2% chance it will be too unpleasant to camp: in that scenario we will house you with our network of local friends.

We're likely going to station a CAMPER at each village. These have comfortable beds with standard mattresses, a bathroom, a kitchen with oven and stove, and fold-out beds for the kids — but will *not* be air conditioned. Historical weather data says the night-time highs will stay within 60 and 80 ºF (16-27 C), but in the small chance there's a scorcher we will have either tents or spare bedrooms as a backup plan. Campers also provide the shower capacity for their village.

Finally, for the college-age cousins and friends we have a BUNKHOUSE of hostel-style double beds with a curtain for privacy.
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Which elements will you want to participate in?
Ok ok ok we are so excited. All the rooms are decked out in themes. There will be a tour. This place is amazing.
Safari Glamping Tent
We would have this set up for you when you arrive.
Basically a long row of curtain-enclosed cubbies with a queen bed and a common area —
Working out the details here, and the pricing.
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