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We are looking for teens (and tweens) who love to write! My name is Annie Brown, I am 16 years old, and I am the founder of Project Kindness OK! Along with hosting lots of community drives and projects we also have a blog! All of our articles are kindness based but are about lots of topics! From lists to stories, there are so many different writing styles for different types of writers! We are accepting applications from writers of all ages and no former serious writing experience is required! It is not a paid position but you will get credit for every article you write! Writers will be required to write a minimum of one article per month but are welcome to write as many as they would like! Weekly themes will be sent out to writers but you are not required to only write about that theme. Fill out the form below if you are interested! Filling out the form does not guarantee you a position as a writer with Project Kindness OK, nor is it a long term commitment on your part! For questions, please reach out to me at or ! Thank you!
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