Virginia Assessment Group: "Rapid Response" Request Form
The Virginia Assessment Group is piloting a program to offer support for colleagues in higher education who work in assessment. The goal is to establish a network of assessment professionals with robust experience who can help the requester to work through an assessment problem or concern. You will meet virtually (by phone or video) with two to three Rapid Responders to discuss the issue for approximately one hour.

The information below will be shared with the team, and they will review it prior to your meeting so that your time together can be as productive as possible. After the meeting, you may schedule a time for someone from the Rapid Response team to follow up with you and offer additional support, as needed. Please provide as much detail as you can to help the Rapid Response team better understand the issue.

Thank you for reaching out! We are happy to help.
Requester's Information
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Position & office/department
Preferred pronouns (optional)
Nature of the Issue
Describe the problem or question you would like to address.
If applicable, what strategies have you used to try to address this problem?
What kind of support, assistance or feedback are you hoping to receive from the Rapid Response team?
What is your preferred timeframe for meeting with a Rapid Response team?
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Is there anything else you would like us to know that might help us better understand the issue or the kind of support you need?
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