OpenWrt Conference/Hackathon
This survey is intended to gauge the community's interest in prpl Foundation organizing an OpenWrt conference. prpl participates in the OpenWrt community through our members directly as well as our working group, prplwrt. Organizing an OpenWrt conference is one more way in which we can support and strengthen the OpenWrt community.

Please complete this survey at your earliest convenience. If we find there's sufficient interest, we will move forward in organizing a conference with the OpenWrt community.
How interested are you in attending an OpenWrt conference? *
What is the appropriate length of an OpenWrt conference? *
prpl wants to organize an affordable, high quality OpenWrt event. The next set of questions asks about conference pricing.
What is the appropriate price for a half-day OpenWrt conference?
(Please pick the value that is closest to what you think is the appropriate price)
Clear selection
What is the appropriate price for a one-day OpenWrt conference?
(Please pick the value that is closest to what you think is the appropriate price)
Clear selection
Relationships to other conferences
Organizing an OpenWrt conference as part of another conference (or nearby) may help some community members justify the cost of attendance to themselves or their employer. The next set of questions relates to an OpenWrt conference being associated with another conference.
Would you travel exclusively to visit an OpenWrt conference? *
(Instead of an OpenWrt conference in conjunction with another, larger conference)
How important for your attendence is it for an OpenWrt conference to be colocated with another conference? *
(Meaning that the OpenWrt conference is in conjunciton with another, larger conference)
Which conferences do you expect to attend this year?
Section Topics and Technology
prpl wants to organize an OpenWrt conference to meet the needs of the community. As part of that, we'd like to know what topics and technologies would most benefit you.
Which session topics you would most like to see at an OpenWrt conference? *
Conference schedule are usually split into hour-long sessions. We'd like to know which topics you'd most like an OpenWrt conference.
What subject or technology would you like most discussed at an OpenWrt conference?
There are lots of specific technologies one might want to know more about as part of a larger topic. We're interested in knowing what those are for you.
We want the OpenWrt conference to be in the best location possible. The next few questions tell us about your location and where you'd be able to travel to.
Where are you based? *
Please select the places you would travel to for an OpenWrt conference: *
Anything else?
Final thoughts?
Do you want to share more details about where you live? Where you can visit? What interests you about OpenWrt? Please share anything you think would help us make an OpenWrt conference work best for you.
Email address
Your email address will ONLY be used to contact you on the results of our survey and, if we organize one, information about the conference.
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