Disability Research Project - Voice Technology
Accessibility is increasingly being used as a selling point for many technology based products. Do you use voice technology, like Alexa to help you out? Could you see a future where voice technology makes being online easier? Is voice technology inaccessible for you?

SEO Jo Blogs and Disabled Times are running the research project together to identify if voice technology helps disabled people, or if it has the potential to. If voice technology currently lacks, then we want to do something about it!

Please take part in the survey below and if you encounter any issues, or have any feedback, please email disabledtimes1@gmail.com.
How old are you?
In which country do you currently live?
Why would you benefit from voice technology? (you can choose more than one)
Which disabilities do you have which could be helped through using voice technology?
Do you have a disability which means that voice technology is more accessible for you? Could your disability be helped through using voice technology? Voice technology is when you can google something by speaking to a phone or a speaker (like alexa)
Do you use a voice assistant in your everyday life?
Clear selection
Which voice platforms do you use? (you can choose more than one)
How do you think voice technology helps you? (you can choose more than one)
If you don't use voice technologies, how do you think they could help you, if at all?
What do you use the voice technology for? (you can choose more than one)
If you don't use voice technology, what would you like to use it for?
What obstacles have you faced using voice technologies? (you can choose more than one)
Have you found any solutions to your issues or do you have any ideas that you hope to see in the future?
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