2020 DSA Immigration Justice Committee Leadership Elections
In accordance with the new bylaws passed at the 2nd Annual DSA-LA Convention in October, all DSA-LA Committees will elect officers in January 2020. Candidates should complete the below form to submit their candidacies, and the elections will be conducted by the DSA-LA Steering Committee. Candidates must be members in good standing of DSA-LA.

The Immigration Justice Committee will have (2) co-chair positions and (2) coordinator positions.

Committee Chairs are responsible for ​formulating meeting agendas and for generally facilitating the committee's work.

Coordinators are responsible for staying updated on the ongoing work of other committees within DSA-LA, and collaborating and ensuring the Immigration Justice Committee's collaboration and coordination across DSA-LA.

This form will close and stop receiving submissions at 11:59PM on Sunday, January 12th.

Monday, January 13th: candidate statement will be released

Sunday, January 19th - Sunday, January 26th: voting period

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What experience do you have working with the Immigration Justice Committee of DSA-LA? *
What role do you see the immigrant rights movement playing in the greater fight for building socialism? *
What is your assessment of previous work done by the Immigration Justice Committee? *
What is your vision for the future work of the committee and what will you do to ensure that it is carried out? *
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