Jourdanton Disney Trip 2022
The Purpose of this trip: Is to educate and build character in the total child. Statistics show that enriching field trip experiences positively contribute to student development. It is also a goal of our program to allow authentic experiences that enhance critical thinking. Any trip we take at Jourdanton is an extension of the classroom. We want to provide your child with a memory that they will have for a lifetime, but also have them understand that this is a reward for their hard work during this upcoming school year.This form is to help with your decision on the trip and give us a closer number of people we need to plan for. It will also help us with the how to do any other future trip presentations
The Magical Adventure Awaits:
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BEHAVIOR GUIDELINE ACCEPTANCE: I have read and understood the information about the Jourdanton Band Department Spring 2022 Trip to Disney World and I accept the behavior and performance guidelines and consequences outlined therein and directly below. Administration reserves the right to revoke field trip privileges for any student who violates the JISD Code of Conduct or displays any inappropriate behaviors throughout the school year. Students who obtain ISS or Brown, or display any other form of inappropriate behavior will be reviewed by administration to determine whether or not they are eligible for the trip ! Students must participate in ALL scheduled performances (those performances on the calendar in the band handbook) including UIL Performance Evaluation of Marching and Concert. The only acceptable excuses are a death in the family or illness of the student verified by a doctor’s note. Any student who misses the trip for the reasons listed above will forfeit their $100 deposit. After April 28th, 2022, any student who becomes ineligible for the trip or withdraws from the trip will NOT be given a monetary refund. Please Electronically Sign Here: *
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