Reddit Mods: Let's Test Ideas for Preventing Harassment and Fact-checking the News
Are you a moderator on reddit? If so, we would love to talk with you!

In recent years, CivilServant has tested ideas to reduce harassment, fact-check unreliable news, and manage political conflict. Last year, we met with over a dozen moderators to brainstorm new research and launched several new studies.

CivilServant is a nonprofit that works toward a world where digital power is guided by evidence and accountable to the public. We work alongside communities using citizen behavioral science to discover ideas for a safer, fairer, more understanding internet.

This spring, CivilServant and students in the Princeton class SOC412 are working with subreddits to test moderation practices that might be more generally useful across reddit. We're looking for communities to test ideas for preventing harassment and for fact-checking news articles.

All of our research is open access and contributes to public knowledge about moderation online.

If you're interested, fill out this form and we will get back to you.
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Research Option: Preventing Abusive Comments by Newcomers *
In this study, we would post sticky comments or send private messages with the rules to first time commenters and test the effect on whether comments violate community policies. Read more at:
Research Option: Encouraging Fact-Checking on Unreliable News Articles *
In this study, we would encourage commenters to fact-check links from unreliable news sources and test the effect on discussions and article rankings.
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Tell us more about your community, how decisions are made, and what questions we might need to discuss before doing research together.
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In parallel with these replications, we are continuing to work on original experiments previously proposed by communities. We also plan to reach out to subreddits later this year with a wider appeal for ideas. To stay informed about our work, please subscribe to our email. We will never share these addresses with third parties.
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