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Welcome Gorgeous,

So you've answered the call of your Soul to be a coach, one of the few who are courageous enough to speak their truth consistently, to do the work and show up as a beacon for others.

On the one hand it sounds so FABULOUS, you know, being a teacher for others who you know will greatly benefit from your skills, your wisdom, your passion.
On the other hand, it's scary AF.

There's so many different courses and methodologies available at this time, it can feel overwhelming and frustrating, never knowing where to start or who to believe.

I get it.

I thank my lucky stars that my personal journey as a coach started more than a decade ago, long before online was the hottest thing in town. Why? Because I learned old-school. Without constantly comparing myself to thousands of others. Because when I started, we expected to work our arses off, to build a business the same as any other, and to never lose focus of why we started out in the first instance.

The standards were different back then. You were expected to complete a certification course of six months or more. You were expected to work privately with a coach on your own stuff. You were expected to work with a mentor and supervisor. None of these are minimum expectations anymore.

And even though I respect that there are fantastic coaches without formal training, I also believe in mastery and the fact that those who are great coaches without formal training do a shit ton of learning and their own personal coaching in the background.

I also believe in the power of role-playing with your peers and supervisors.

I believe in practice makes better.

I believe that working with a mentor is the fastest way to success.

I do believe in continued personal development.

These are all in place for myself to this day, and now I'm offering more than a decade of coaching experience and wisdom to selected apprentices.

Why apprenticeship?

I have no desire to create a sausage machine spewing out little minions and mini-me's. I desire to be instrumental in the journey of masterful coaches who will go out into the world and create their personal masterpieces! This takes high personal touch and intimacy.

Know this - this will NOT be a walk in the park.

The intake process will be rigorous.

I will expect you to show up as you've never shown up before.

I will expect you to work harder than you've ever worked before.

And success will be your only option.

If you know in your heart that coaching is not a job or a profession but your CALLING, and you know that you want to be mentored by one who will be coaching until the day she dies, then I invite you to complete this form as the first part of the application process.

Please note that if your application is selected we will be jumping on a call where you will coach me for an hour so I may ascertain your current level of proficiency and identify the gaps where I can add the most value should your application be successful.

If you're truly ready to commit, let's get started.

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Tell me about the journey that brought you to decide that you were born to coach. This is an essay question so don't leave out any details. *
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What are your top ten personal values? Go into detail of what each means to you and why they are truly important to you. How do they drive your life and your decisions? *
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Tell me about your mission. What is that pain that you see in the world at this time that you are committed to transmuting in your clients so that they may step into being their best versions self? *
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Tell me about all the coach-related training you have invested in to date. Courses, duration, what you learned in them, when they were, etc. *
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What personal coaching have you invested in for yourself? What did you work on with your coaches? What are the results you have achieved from this coaching? What is the biggest one-time amount you have invested in your personal coaching? *
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If you are already working as a coach, how many hours have you coached professionally? Break these up into paid and unpaid. *
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What are you struggling with right now? Go into as much detail as possible. *
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What do you feel are your gaps between where you are and where you desire to be as a professional coach? *
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Which personal development, coaching and business books have you studied this year? *
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Let's be honest and realistic - chances of you hitting those $10k months in the first 3 months is highly unlikely. Draw up your budget, look at your current income and let me know how long do you have before you HAVE to make money from coaching and what is THAT amount that you HAVE to make. *
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Are you willing to scrub toilets to pay the bills until you get your business flowing? In other words, are you willing to do whatever it takes? *
Why me? What about my message and my style truly resonates with you? *
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As I'm growing my empire of impact, I will be aligning myself with key coaches who desire to be part of my brand in future. Is this something that would be of interest to you once you've completed your apprenticeship? (this has no impact on your application so just be honest) *
If your application is successful, do you commit to attend all training and supervision sessions and to make your personal coaching a highest priority in your life? *
Anything else I need to know or that you want to share with me at this time?
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Next Step
Thanks so much for taking the time to complete this form. Please be assured that all your information is 100% safe with me and even if your application is not successful this time around, I'm here to support you in your journey to success.

I will be working through your application and if short-listed, you will be invited to a role-playing session where you get to show me what you've learned to date.

With all my love and deep appreciation for you,

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