2016 Trinity Park Home Tour Visitor Feedback
This form is to collect feedback from the people who attend the tour in hopes it will give us insight into what was done well and what needs improvement.
How did you learn about the Home Tour?
Did you find the tour to be what you had expected?
What did you like best about the tour?
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What did you like least about the tour?
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Did the Street Festival interest you?
Did you buy food/beverage from the food trucks?
Overall, how would you rate your experience with the Trinity Park Home Tour this year?
Would you recommend to a friend that they should come to the next tour in 2018?
Is there any other feedback you would like to tell us?
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If you would like to be added to our mailing list to be one of the first to know when the next tour will be, please provide your Name, Email and USPS address. We will not share this with any other organization except the Historic Preservation of Durham with whom we have a cooperative relationship.
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