Gaba Incentive Survey
For lessons from May 2013 onwards Gaba changed the incentive system. Two changes were made: the first was paying an additional 200 yen for morning weekday peak lessons (the F-peak incentive), this was a good increase for morning instructors, and Gaba and the General Union signed a collective agreement over it.

Gaba also made an additional change to incentives. Unfortunately, they changed from counting all lessons towards the TNT (Total Number Taught) incentive to only counting peak lessons for a PNT (Peak Number Taught) incentive.

The union is in favour of all lessons receiving a fair incentive, and now that instructors have started receiving their paychecks including the revised PNT incentive, the union is interested in finding out how instructors feel about it:
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How has the amount of your incentive changed? *
Would you prefer Gaba to pay an incentive for peak lessons only, or for all lessons? *
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