Resilient Communities Mid Program Survey
Resilient Communities is a pilot program that aims to educate, engage and strengthen local communities through building resilience and disaster preparedness. OzGREEN are in the midst of securing more funding to run this program, and with this in mind, we are seeking feedback on the 5 modules we have delivered so far. By completing the survey below you will be contributing valuable feedback to help improve this program for the future.

We thank you for your time.

If you have any questions Kathleen can be contacted at or on (02) 5615 8108.
Which Resilient Communities group are you a part of? *
Has your participation in Resilient Communities increased your knowledge on resiliency and the modules covered so far? *
Have you shared what you've learnt with other people in your household, family and/or network? *
Have there been any barriers to you maintaining participation? *
Has engaging with Resilient Communities increased or decreased your motivation to lead change / hope that change can be realised? *
Has participating in Resilient Communities led to new connections in your community that you would otherwise not have had? *
Is there any part of the current workshops that you would leave out for future programs? *
8. Do you have any suggestions to improve the delivery of the program? *
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