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Enactus Ryerson provides co-curricular opportunities for students to gain hands-on experience and generate personal and professional success. We transform others’ lives as well as our own, through the positive power of business and entrepreneurship through socially conscious lens. ENSPIRE is Enactus Ryerson’s conference designed to educate and inspire delegates to create a better world for us all. At its core, the focus is entrepreneurship and sustainability and the mission is built on 3 pillars: social, economic and environmental change. These pillars act as a framework to assist in achieving our goals to solve real-world problems and utilize sustainable innovation as a backbone to what we do.

Our mission is to ignite a powerful conversation about sustainable change via entrepreneurship, while empowering delegates to create an actionable change within their communities and the people who inhabit them. Our goal is to culminate the next generation of the change-makers, go-getters, barrier-breakers, and the tomorrow-takers through a platform that provides students the tool to succeed in their entrepreneurial ventures.

On March 22rd and 23rd, 2019 we invite YOU to bring your diverse experiences to be part of this conversation and collaborate with your team, our team, and community leaders to create something that will last a lifetime.

The one question we leave for you: what impact will you make? The possibilities are endless.

Tickets are $60 and you will receive a link to purchase after your application is accepted.


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