After School Agreement Form
After School Agreement Form
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By Submitting this Form, I agree with following Terms and Conditions:
Registration Fee: A nonrefundable fee of $50 is due with the Registration Form for each new student. No registration fee for returning students.

Materials Fee: Materials fee of $100 (yearly) is due at the time of admission or re-registration for all new and returning students.

Sibling Discount:Siblings attending the program are given a 10% discount on monthly tuition.

Transportation Fee: Each student in need of transportation services will need to sign a transport agreement and the transportation is charged separately based on the distance from the school to the facility.

Tuition payments: Tuition fees are due on the 1st of the month. There will be a late fee of $25 if the fees are received after the 5th of the month.

Returned Checks: In the event of returned checks, there will be a $25 fine per check to be paid with the next month’s fees.

Change of Fees: Leadership Academy is obligated to give parents a 30 days’ notice for any increase in fees.

Short Term Absence: There will be no pro-ration of tuition for absence from the program for less than two consecutive weeks in a given month.

December Tuition: December Tuition is charged in Full.

August and June Tuition: August Fees is prorated from the start day of Leadership Academy. June fees is prorated based on the last working day of Leadership Academy. June tuition is charged in May.

Short term break: A child can be allowed to take a short term break from the program but with a minimum of 1-month notice otherwise the tuition would be charged.

Sign In/Out: Students need to be signed in/out daily for school attendance records.

Pick-Up: Parents need to pick up their child latest by 6:30pm Or a late fee of $1 per minute will be charged every minute after 6:30pm due at the time of pickup.

Lunch & Snack: Students will be served nutritious snacks daily. Please advise us if your child has allergies and would prefer to bring their own snack.

Staff Learning Days, Mid-Year Break, Spring Break and School specific holidays: Children can come to Leadership Academy at 0900 AM on above days. There will be an additional charge if the kids come in the morning. Children need to bring a morning snack & lunch.

Termination of Agreement: Parents need to give a 30-day notice in writing if they would like to withdraw their child from the program or change the enrolled program.

Termination/Suspension/Dismiss: Leadership Academy has the right to immediately suspend/dismiss a child for unsatisfactory conduct or disruptive behavior and medical conditions beyond the expertise of the program.

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