Food Truck Rumble 2015 Survey
Thanks to everyone that attended Food Truck Rumble 2015, it was great to see such a huge turnout for a locally organised non-profit community event.

Would love people’s feedback so I can continue to improve future events.

Please fill in this feedback survey, it should take about 5-10 minutes.

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Ai-Ling (Organiser)
1. Which age group do you belong to?
2. What is your gender?
3. What is your postcode?
Your answer
4. Where did you hear about Food Truck Rumble 2015?
5. Did you download the ‘Food Truck Rumble’ mobile app which contained all the food truck menus?
6. Did you get a copy of the Food Truck Rumble 2015 program booklet?
7. How did you get to Food Truck Rumble 2015?
8. What time did you arrive at Food Truck Rumble 2015?
(Please indicate approximately what time from options below.)
9. How long did you spend at Food Truck Rumble 2015?
10. Did you attend the first Food Truck Rumble in 2014?
10. (a) If you attended the first Food Truck Rumble in 2014, can you please provide comments on how your experience of this year's event was compared to last year.
Your answer
11. Was Food Truck Rumble 2015
(Tick the one that applies)
12. Have you been to the Perth Cultural Centre before?
13. What did you think of the event layout at the Perth Cultural Centre?
13. (a) Do you have any comments on the event layout?
Your answer
14. Which food trucks did you eat at?
(Tick all the apply)
15. Do you have any comments on the food you ate? What did you enjoy the most?
Your answer
16. What was the average length of time that you spent lining up for food?
17. What was the average wait time for receiving your food/drinks after ordering?
18. Did you watch THE RUMBLE 2vs2 BBOY/BGIRL Breakdancing Competition?
18. (a) If so, what did you think of the breakdancing competition?
Your answer
19. Did you visit Truck Rumble Bar in the Urban Orchard?
19. (a) If so, what did you think of Truck Rumble Bar?
Your answer
20. Did you visit The Cocktail Gastronomy Bar in the Urban Orchard?
20. (a) If so, what did you think of The Cocktail Gastronomy Bar?
Your answer
21. Did you check out the Hipflask Beat Lounge in the evening from 9-6pm with local producers spinning tunes?
21. (a) If so, what did you think of the Hipflask Beat Lounge?
Your answer
22. Overall, what did you think of the second Food Truck Rumble
(In a short sentence)
Your answer
23. Would you attend another Food Truck Rumble?
24. Do you have any other suggestions/thoughts for a future Food Truck Rumble?
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