RGC Application
Resplendence is a gaming community built for the purpose providing an engaging, withstanding place for like-minded gamers! Groups, guilds, and individuals are all welcome. Resplendence is a resource for you to use and be apart of to play with friends, make new ones, and experience pre-existing and new games in! Make sure to join our Discord server if you haven't already! https://discord.gg/BMBcp56.
The following are the few rules for joining Resplendence. Please read through them and respond appropriately. *
Are you 18+ years old?
Exploiting, hacking, or cheating is strictly prohibited; do you agree to play without those while in this community?
Harassment or hate speech of any kind (homophobic, sexual, religious, doxing, etc.) is not tolerated. Do you agree to avoid any form of harassment against other community members while apart of RGC?
Do you agree to not perform any action or share information provided by any community guild with the intent to cause discord, drama, or harm?
Being apart of the Discord server is a requirement for the community. Leaving the Discord server at any time is considered leaving the community. Do you accept and understand this?
3. What guild are you are joining? *
What is your Discord ID? (Include #). Example: Nerdvictus#1779 *
We pride ourselves on the diversity of background from our community members. We are a global community, what country are you from? *
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