Winter Track Sign-up with Coaches 2017
Other things you need to do after this form:
1. Attend the Sign-up Meeting (Date: Wednesday, November 15th in the cafeteria)
3. Register for the booster club for the winter season at ($50 per athlete, per season). New athletes will be given a track jacket from the booster club.

Getting cleared to participate by Jim Quatromoni (our athletic director):
1. Register on X2 if you haven't registered for any sports this year.
2. If you played another sport, and didn't register for winter track, email Mr. Quatromoni and ask to be put on the Winter Track roster (, ).
3. Mr Quatromoni checks that you paid your user fee ($325/year), have a current physical (good for 13 months), and you had an impact test. (Dates of impact test: Thursday, November 16th and Thursday, November 21st in the computer lab (room 272). Physicals should be given directly to Mr Quatromoni.

The following survey is to:
1. Give the coaching staff your contact info
2. Give you an opportunity to tell your coaches what your goals and concerns are.
3. Give us your T-Shirt Size
4. Creates the spreadsheet that coaches will need to efficiently enter athletes in meets and upload results to

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Anything your coaches should know about you:
health concerns, allergies, past sports injuries, concerns about the season, or anything you want to tell us
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Your favorite Winter Track event group. What event will you perform best in vs another team? *
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