Maroochy North Shore Community Needs Survey
The following survey will only take a maximum of 5 minutes to complete and it will assist the North Shore Community Centre in developing new programs, projects and events to meet community needs where possible. The results of the survey will also assist in targeting funding toward the greatest community needs. All information will be kept confidential and your name is not required.
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What is your age? *
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Do you identify as any of the following;
Which part of the Maroochy North Shore area or surrounds do you live in? *
Are you a person living with a physical disability? *
Are you a person living with a mental illness?
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Which of the following best describes your current relationship status? *
How many children are you parent or guardian for living in your household (under 17 years) *
Does anyone in your household currently attend or receive a service or assistance for any of the following outside of the Maroochy North Shore area?
Please share any additional comments below relating to other heath/well-being/welfare/social services or groups that are being accessed outside of our community;
What do you feel is the area of greatest need for the general well being of people in our community? Mark each row in order of need (1 for greatest need, 8 for lowest need) *
Family Support - Parenting education, Regular support at home from volunteers, Building support networks in community, playgroups, homework clubs etc.
Employment Support - Assisting unemployed with job preparation, up-skilling, work experience, resumes, confidence building etc.
Community Connections - Assisting those who are socially isolated to meet others, connect with a group, connect with family and friends online
Youth Engagement - Providing activities, courses, events for youth to give purpose. A place for fun, safe, social gatherings
Seniors & Retirees - Assisting seniors to participate in activities, learning, socialising and connecting with others digitally and in person.
Disabilities and Mental Illness - Assisting those with disabilities or a mental illness to engage in activities, courses, job preparation, connecting with others.
Multicultural Connections & Awareness - Assisting our multicultural community to connect through events, social gatherings, cooking classes and sharing meals etc.
Financial Assistance - Assisting those in financial stress, budgeting classes, early intervention into homelessness, financial assistance for those in greatest need.
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Are there any other community needs that you would like to see the North Shore Community Centre assist with?
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