Adopt-A-Family Application
Thank you for uniting with ToGetHer Empowered, Inc. to give the gift of love this holiday season by adopting a family in need. Please fill out this application to provide us with information about you, your family, or your group/organization so that we may partner you with a family to adopt that meet your specific need. Thank you again of your partnership.


Dr. Olivia Al-Mahdi

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If you are adopting a family in conjunction with a group or organization, please list the name of the group or organization.
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Adoption Agreement.
I (we) hereby agree to be matched with a family based on my above requested criteria. Once I (we) have been matched with a family, I (we) agree to read their bio and wish list to ensure that I (we) are capable of meeting the holiday needs of the family. I (we) understand that I (we) are not obligated to adopt any family, and I (we) have the right to request to be matched with a different family. I (we) understand that once I (we) have agreed to adopt a family, that family cannot be matched with any other families, and I (we) will be held responsible for meeting the needs of the family. If I (we) are unable to meet the needs of the family, I (we) agree to notify ToGetHer Empowered no later then November 17, 2017 so that the family may be matched with another donor. Once all gifts have been purchased, I agree to arrange pick up or drop off of the donations to ToGetHer Empowered no later then December 20, 2017.
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