Nightshade Staff Application
Welcome to the Nightshade Staff Applications!
Some things to know before applying!

We are looking for staff in each of our different departments, but there are some basic requirements that fall into EVERY role:

As a staff member, you are now a leader within the community, regardless of your position. Be a role model that players can look up to, and uphold the rules and character as someone true, fair, and honest. Every action you take, other eyes will be on you, watching so take every action carefully, ensuring that no matter how anyone looks at it, they could not be able to find fault.

Welcome new players to the server.
Answer any questions members may have.
Proactively take on tasks assigned by your Administrator.

A responsible and respectful character.
To follow and enforce all server rules.
Must be at least 13 years old and have played on the server for at least two weeks.
Must have a love and passion for helping people, the server, and the community as a whole.

If we find out you did not follow any of the above requirements your application will be considered void and will get rejected. Further action and punishments will be placed for continuous offenders.
Our departments and which one is right for you
Here is a brief description of each of our departments for more in depth Look choice the department of your choice blow to start the application.

The Core Teams:
The Core Teams are always expected to work in disciplining the player base (if ever needed) as well as being super kind and compassionate to all those who join our server.

> > Experience Team:
Our experience team, ensuring official gyms, official teams, and events are handled fantastically as well as improving server builds while also adding new ones

> > Marketing Team:
Managing promotion of our server on Youtube, Twitch, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram as well as making sure all players are fully welcomed in the server and have a fantastic on boarding experience

> > Support Team:
Managing documentation, config files, rules and discipline as well as ensuring all tickets are taken care of in a timely fashion.

The Creative Teams:
The Creative Teams do not typically do any discipline as they tend to get buried in their work. They are however expect to always be welcoming and kind to the playerbase.

> > Build Team
Creating and designing server builds around spawn in a timely fashion in partnership with Scribes and the Experience Team.

> > Scribe Team
Creating and crafting dialog between players and NPCs, creating quests, creating lore and history that other teams can use when advertising our server, building server builds, planning future events and creating config files.
Which department within staff would you prefer to be in? *
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