Mackinac County Business Survey
Mackinac Economic Alliance is looking for your input! We are interested in developing programs to excel your business and to connect you to resources. If you own more than one business, please fill a survey out for each.
Business Name *
Your name and title *
Are you a seasonal business?
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If you are seasonal, what months are you open?
How many people do you employee?
How many are seasonal workers?
How many reside in Mackinac County?
For Hotel/Motel and tour business: Do you utilize a call center for reservations off season?
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To your knowledge, what are the primary issues your employees deal with? (ex. Lack of childcare, transportation, housing, etc.)
For Manufacturer/Mining type jobs: Are Career and Technical Education (CTE) skills needed for positions at your company?
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If yes, what skills in particular?
What kind of professional development skills would you like to see your employees learn?
Are you willing to pay employees while they attend professional development trainings?
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Do you offer internship opportunities?
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If yes, what is the opportunity?
Do you offer a high school work program?
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If no, would you be interested in potentially creating a high school work program?
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Are you willing to allow employees to take our Workforce Assessment Survey on the clock? (Approx. 15 minutes)
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Are you willing to participate in a roundtable or in depth survey regarding workforce development in Mackinac County?
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What business support could you use?
Are you looking to create new jobs?
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If so, how many jobs?
Do you have any business concerns that we could potentially assist with that are not mentioned in the survey?
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If yes, please list your concerns or if you would prefer to set up a time to discuss it by phone or face to face, please put your phone number here.
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