[SURVEY] Footwear, Feet and Lower Limbs Issues in Ultimate
The goal of this survey is to gather data about footwear, feet and lower limbs issues in Ultimate. This data will be analysed with experts and the results shared with all Ultimate players around the world.

- Why answering this survey:
If you've ever suffered from feet, lower limb or footwear issues over your frisbee career, this survey can help you share that experience, receive feedback if you haven't solved this issue, or help others that may face the same issues as you did solve it faster.

- Sharing is Caring:
Since I started TOKAY in 2016, I have met a lot of players facing Footwear, Feet or Lower Limbs related issues. While I realised that some of these could make a great impact on a player's career with easy solutions (see our blog: https://tokay-ultimate.com/blog-en/), I keep receiving messages of players experiencing issues and I'd like to help all of us concentrate on our game only.

Thank you for participating,
Have a great day,

Robin, from TOKAY
When did your Footwear, Foot or lower limb issues ruined your day? And How?
What information about Footwear and Feet helped you in your player career?
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