The Philosopher King Poll #5
The Philosopher King is a 'Choose Your Own Adventure' series, which means that every other week (unless extenuating circumstances prohibits such a vote) there will be a poll comprised of ideas submitted by my Patreon patrons for you all to vote upon. The top few choices that are chosen by all of you voters will become goals/priorities until they are either satisfied, or no longer achievable.

If you would like to become a patron so you can submit your own ideas, goals or priorities visit If you'd like to discuss RimWorld, being a patron or anything else, please visit us on discord (the link is at

Thank you for voting!
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What kind of psyfocus should the 2nd psycaster have?
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People ask for help or require help from our community often. Sometimes they'll forcibly join our faction, but our faction isn't necessarily looking for new people to join. How should we deal with the excess population?
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