The Remoir Project: Stories in Textile Art
Your Remnants . Your Memories . What Remains, Transformed .
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Your personal information such as name and contact information is required so that a Remoir Project representative may get in touch with you should it be necessary. But this information will not be shared publicly unless you consent to its use in public materials associated with The Remoir Project.
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Charity/Organization you wish to receive a portion of proceeds of the sale of the completed artwork incorporating your remnant.
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By typing your first and last name in the field below, you agree that The Remoir Project may exercise artistic license to transform your donated remnants into original art for The Remoir Project. You also understand that, by donating your remnants to The Remoir Project, ownership of the remnants transitions to The Remoir Project which will exhibit and make available for public purchase any completed artwork created for this project. The Remoir Project will donate a percent of proceeds (no less than 10% from each original artwork) to the organization you have identified. *
When you're ready, please ship your remnants to The Remoir Project c/o Akwi Nji at 329 10th Ave SE Ste 217 Cedar Rapids, IA 52401. Thank you for your participation. We'll be in touch!
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