Collection Maintenance Application 2019-2020
The New York City School Library System (NYCSLS) is seeking applicants for our Collection Maintenance Program. This program provides a menu of services to school libraries in NYC including weeding, inventory, and bar coding. Filling out this survey is not a guarantee of being offered assistance, it is the tool to help NYCSLS understand the needs of the library and to be considered as a project site in the academic year 2019-2020.

If you have filled this out in the past but still need more help, please submit again.

--Weeding is the deselection of books that are inappropriate for students or the library. Disposal/donation is the responsibility of the school.

--Inventory is the scanning of all barcoded books in a library to bring the searchable catalog, and what's on the shelves, into alignment. This is to ensure that when a book is searched for, there is a high degree of confidence it will be where the catalog says it is, as well as, having internal records (such as age of collection) be accurate.

--Bar coding is placing barcodes on books and connecting them to a record in a digital catalog so they can be searched to find the right book, and, to handle records of circulation for the community.
I am interested in receiving one of the following Services: Weeding, Bar coding (Automation), or Inventory *
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